Terms And Conditions

By using Slot-Swap, you agree to the following terms with Slot-Swap and the general principles for the websites of our Vendors and Distributors.


Third Party Vendors: A licensed distributor of gambling or gambling related parts, including private third party entities operating under a vendor’s license.

Elite Vendors: A licensed gaming vendors with multi state and jurisdiction licensing that will process all paperwork related to Slot-Swap shipments.

Casino: A public or private facility that is licensed to provide gaming and gambling activities.

Please note that Slot-Swap does not sell slot machines; only parts for slot machines. Only Members of the site can list items on Slot-Swap.

Slot-Swap has no listing fees.

You agree to abide by all applicable rules of your State, including but not limited to all licensing requirements, gaming laws and regulations.

You agree that you do not reside outside of the United States. Slot-Swap and its Vendors will not allow any transactions to occur out of the United States.

For transactions outside the United State contact

This Agreement is effective as of (date of incorporation).  You accept this User Agreement by clicking the Submit button below, after entering your initials where requested.


Before you may become a member of Slot-Swap, you must read and accept all of the terms of this User Agreement and Privacy Policy. By accepting this User Agreement, you agree that this User Agreement and Privacy Policy will apply whenever you use Slot-Swap.

Some Vendors at Slot-Swap may have additional or other terms, agreements, or policies that govern their availability and use, including, but not limited to State and local laws and regulations.  Your use of and access to such sites, services, and tools are subject to any and all laws, terms, agreements, or policies applicable to them. Slot-Swap and Vendors retain the right to refuse or cancel any transaction where this User Agreement or any laws or regulations have been violated.

Using Slot-Swap

While using Slot-Swap sites, services and tools, you agree to not engage in the following:

• Partake in any transaction outside of the United States;

• Buy or sell any slot machine;

• violate any laws, third party rights, or any of our policies;

• post improper comments or statements;

• use our sites, services or tools if you are not able to form legally binding contracts or are temporarily or indefinitely suspended from using Slot-Swap, or our Vendors and distributors;

• fail to deliver payment for items purchased by you, unless the vendor has materially changed the item's description after you bid on a product, a clear typographical error is made, or you cannot reach the vendor;

• fail to deliver items purchased from you, unless the Casino or Vendor fails to meet the posted terms, or you cannot reach the Casino or Vendor;

• manipulate the price of any item or interfere with other members' listings;

• circumvent or manipulate our fee structure, the billing process, or attempt to communicate directly with Slot-Swap’s Casinos or Vendors on any listing without Slot-Swap’s written consent;

• post false, inaccurate, misleading, defamatory, or libelous content;

• post and defamatory or libelous comments about any party;

• distribute or post spam, unsolicited or bulk electronic communications, chain letters, or illegal items.


Casinos and Vendors share the responsibility for making sure purchases made on Slot-Swap are reviewed and accurate.   Slot-Swap will not be responsible for any misrepresentations by Casinos or Vendors.  Slot-Swap will not be responsible for any items that are not working properly or damaged. It is the responsibility of the Casinos and Vendors to property represent and investigate its transaction(s).

Vendors confirm that they:

• are licensed distributors in the local, state, tribe or region represented;

• will provide one hundred percent (100%) accurate information to all items which are listed;

• will comply with all local, state, tribe and regional laws of the Casino and/or other Vendors, including but not limited to licensing laws and regulations of all States and local districts.

• will not sell any items to any entity other than Casinos and other Vendors.

• They will refrain from direct contacts with other Vendors about listing without the express written consent of Slow-Swap on any transaction.

Slot-swap will not be responsible for any shipments. Slot-swap only agrees to assist the parties in resolving issues of sales.

• Vendors agree to submit payment to Slot-Swap no later than fifteen (15) days after receipt of payment for any item from a Casino or other Vendor. Payment shall be made via check or wire transfer to the Slot-Swap account.

If Vendors do not provide Slot-Swap with timely payment, Slot-swap may collect amounts owed using other collection mechanisms, including retaining collection agencies.  We may also suspend or restrict Vendors from buying or selling on our sites and using our services and tools until payment is made.  We reserve the right to fix any processing errors we discover.  We will correct any processing errors by debiting or crediting the payment method used.If payment is not received in a timely manner, by Slot-Swap Vendor may be subject to interest fees under Illinois law.

Fees and Services

All Vendors and Casinos agree to pay twenty-five percent (25%) on all sales.

Casinos and Vendors are responsible for paying all fees and applicable taxes associated with our sites, services, and tools with a valid payment method upon receipt of the payment from the Casino or other Vendor.


When providing us with content or posting content on Slot-Swap, you grant us a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, right to exercise any and all copyright, trademark, publicity, and database rights you have in the content, in any media known now or in the future.

Upon request, for the convenience of Vendors, we may offer catalogs of stock images, descriptions and product specifications at our disposal for no additional fee.

Notice for Claims of Intellectual Property Violations and Copyright Infringement Pursuant to Section 512(c) of Title 17 of the United States Code

We respond to notices of alleged copyright infringement as required by the United States Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Limitation of Liability

Slot-Swap does not guarantee the accuracy of any listing by Casinos or Vendors or the functionality of any item. Slot-Swap is not responsible for or providing any warranty or guarantee for any item listed. Slot-Swap is not responsible for any damaged items, lost items, shipment issues, or any payment delays from Casinos or other Vendors.

Slot-Swap is not responsible for any technical defects in the site, outside of its control. Slot-Swap is not responsible for any claims or statements made by Vendors or Casinos on the site. By using Slot-Swap, you agree that the items listed are being provided to you, based on the representations of the Vendor. Slot-Swap does not guarantee or warranty the accuracy of said representations. Slot-swap excludes all express or implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular use, or otherwise under Illinois law, to the extent permissible under Illinois Law. Casinos and Vendors bidding on items are expected to have specialized knowledge about the items they are bidding on that Slot-Swap does not possess.

Slot-Swap is not responsible for any damages or losses, including, but not limited to the loss of money, reputation, goodwill, profits or other intangible losses. Slot-Swap is not responsible for any special, indirect or consequential damages resulting directly or indirectly from the use or inability to use the site properly by Casinos or Vendors; disruptions or delays on the site due to the Internet; viruses or other malicious software obtained from users of the site.

Slot-Swap is a specialized auctioneer, not a traditional auctioneer, with items that are solely for Casinos and Vendors, as defined above. Slot-Swap is not involved in the actual transaction between the Casinos and Vendors but rather only facilitates the transaction with the listing on its website. Slot-Swap does not have or exercise any control over nor does it guarantee the existence, quality, safety, or legality of items advertised; the truth or accuracy of the Casinos or Vendors’ content or listings; the ability or legality of Casinos or Vendors to sell items; the ability of Casinos or Vendors to pay for items; or that Casinos or Vendors will actually complete a transaction or return an item.

Slot-Swap further provides that it is not availing itself to jurisdiction in any State, other than Illinois. If Slow-Swap is found to be liable, its liability is limited to the amount of fees in dispute, not to exceed the total fees, paid to us by Vendors.


If you have a dispute with one or more users, you release us (and our affiliates and subsidiaries, and our and their respective officers, directors, employees, and agents) from claims, demands, and damages (actual and consequential) of every kind and nature, known and unknown, arising out of or in any way connected with such disputes.  In entering into this release you expressly waive any protections (whether statutory or otherwise) that would otherwise limit the coverage of this release to include only those claims which you may know or suspect to exist in your favor at the time of agreeing to this release.

Listing Conditions

Casinos and Vendors bidding or purchasing an item agree to pay the amount of the listing.

Casinos and Vendors listing an item at Slot-Swap agree to pay Slot-swap twenty-five percent (25%) of the gross transaction price. Casinos and Vendors listing an item also assume full responsibility for the content of the listing and item offered.

Purchase Conditions

You are responsible for reading and reviewing completely the full item listing, including any instructions the Casinos and/or Vendors provide, before making a bid or commitment to buy. You acknowledge that you are a Casino or Vendor who can make a purchase under the laws and regulations that govern your State and local district in the United States.

Unless otherwise stated, by making a bid or commitment to buy an item, you are committing to buy the item from the Casino or Vendor listing the item. If you make a commitment to buy or your bid is the winning bid or is otherwise accepted, you enter into a legally binding contract with the Casino or Vendor and are obligated to purchase the item.

You acknowledge that Slot-Swap does not transfer legal ownership of items and that only the Casino or Vendor is the rightful owner who can sell the items.


We do not sell or rent your personal information to third parties for their marketing purposes without your explicit consent. We store and process your information on computers located in the United States that are protected by physical as well as technological security devices. You can access and modify the information you provide us and choose not to receive certain communications by signing in to your account. From time to time, we may use third parties to verify and certify our privacy principles.


You will indemnify and hold Slot-Swap, its affiliates and subsidiaries, and our officers, directors, employees, and agents, harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, made by any Casino, Vendor, or third party, including but not limited to local, State and tribal entities due to or arising out of your breach of this User Agreement, your improper use of Slot-Swap, or your violation of any Slot-Swap terms, laws of any local, State or tribal entity. You also indemnify and hold Slot-Swap, its affiliates and subsidiaries, and our officers, directors, employees, and agents, harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, made by any Casino, Vendor, or third party based on any rights of a third party.

Duty to Defend

You will defend and provide legal representation to Slot-Swap, its affiliates and subsidiaries, and our officers, directors, employees, and agents, harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, from any claim made by any Casino, Vendor or third party for your actions or inactions as they pertain to any item transaction, use or improper use of the site, and any claim made by a Casino, Vendor or other third party, including but not limited to local, State, or tribal entities.

No Agency

No agency, partnership, joint venture, employee-employer, or franchiser-franchisee relationship is intended or created by this User Agreement.


Except as explicitly stated otherwise, legal notices to Slow-Swap shall be served on Slot-Swap’s registered agent: CRAIG SHAFFER,2720 S RIVER RD STE 109, DES PLAINES, Illinois, 60018

Notice to Casinos and Vendors will be sent to the information on file or the email address you have designated on your account.  Notice to you shall be deemed given 24 hours after the email is sent. Alternatively, we may give you legal notice by mail to the Registration Address associated with your account.

Legal Disputes

You and Slot-swap agree that any claim or dispute at law or equity that has arisen and cannot be resolved between the parties will be resolved under Illinois law, in Cook County, Illinois.


If a court decides that any part of this User Agreement is invalid or unenforceable, the other parts of this User Agreement shall still apply.

General Information

Slot-Swap is located at 2740 W. Belmont Ave, #3E, Chicago, IL 60618

This User Agreement (including incorporated policies and rules) sets forth the entire understanding and agreement between us with respect to the subject matter hereof.