Can anyone use Slot-Swap.com?

No, we are limiting the participants to casinos and new and used slot machine vendors. This is not for the guy who has two games in his basement and is trying to keep them running. We don't have a large staff, and keeping up with the questions and returns with amateur slot machine guys wouldn't be cost effective.

Don't have an account with the listed licensed vendors?

You should talk to the licensed vendors we have listed on our site about setting up an account. Because unfortunately, if you do not have at least one account with a vendor listed you can not participate. You want to start saving money on parts, right?

Do we have to pay sales tax?

That will be deteremined on a sale by sale basis by the licensed vendors, they are responsible for collecting sales tax and we can add that on the top of the cost like shipping costs.

What happens after a part is purchased?

All sales will be processed by a licensed vendor and drop shipped directly to the buyer.

What happens if a part is broken, or doesn't work upon delivery?

There is a 30 day inspection period where any faulty product may be returned or exchanged with the original vendor.

How to add a Slot-Swap link to your mobile phone

iPhone Users

• Open up the Safari app on your iOS device.

• Navigate to Slot-Swap's website.

• Tap on the "Share" icon at the bottom. This looks like a square with an arrow pointing upwards.

• Select the "Add to Home Screen" icon.

• Call your link Slot-Swap.

• Tap on the word "Add" in the upper right hand corner.

• Success!

Android Users

• Launch the browser.

• Navigate to Slot-Swap's website.

• Press Menu then select Bookmarks.

• Long press any bookmark and click Add Shortcut to Homescreen.

• Success!

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