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Our marketplace was designed to help casinos and re-sellers find, buy and sell spare slot machine parts quickly and efficiently. Our inventory is user-generated by casinos for casinos and each part is guaranteed to work or your money back.

Sell Spare Parts

Looking to move your spare slot machine parts? List your parts on Slot-Swap from your computer or on the go with a mobile phone. All sales are processed by a licensed vendor and then drop shipped directly to the the winning bidder. It's that easy.

Simple to navigate, easy to use

Search a large collection of new and used slot machine parts and find what you are looking for without hassel. Slot-Swap.com is just a listing website, much like other more famous auction sites that host some of the largest market places in the world, except that we have relationships with your already approved and licensed vendors. You will never get a bill, check or credit from Slot-Swap.com, it will all come with proper paperwork from your already licensed vendors. When you request a quote, the official quote will be generated from the licensed vendor and sent to the email you logged into with your account on Slot-Swap.com, just as if you had requested a quote directly from the vendor, except you have the advantage of specifying the price you want on the quote and know the products are in stock when requesting it through Slot-Swap.com. The products will then ship or drop ship to you from the licensed vendor and bill accordingly. If you list items for sale, you will have a choice of receiving a credit or check from the licensed vendor, once those items are sold.

Why you should start swapping

Find spare parts

In a pinch? Need a part quickly, but don't know who to call? Browse Slot-Swaps growing catalog of used and new slot machine parts. Make a bid or buy it at the asking price and get your game up and running.

Sell unused parts

Take the hassel out of finding buyers for your unused slot machine parts. Slot-Swap's marketplace is a centralized location for casinos and re-sellers to list and sell their spare or unused parts.

Join the community

To ensure the integrity of Slot-Swap's marketplace each user who applies to become a trader is reviewed and approved by the owner. Satisfaction is our highest concern and we hope that shows through.

"Slot-Swap has been pivotal in meeting our needs as a casino. We're able to find the parts and products we need, without having to buy them brand new and go over our budget."

It goes where you go

Slot-Swap was designed to be convenient and mobile friendly. List, browse and purchase all the slot machine parts you need right from your smartphone. No need to wait until you get back to the office. Click on the link below to get instructions on adding a bookmark to your smartphones home screen.

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